How to ruin technical community?

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Since yesteday (this translation is being posted one day later after original russian post) I’m no longer a leader of dotnetby community. All powers where given back to Ivan Antsipau, who, being in US, knows better how to run community in Belarus. I always held a position, shared by all good technical communities in the world: we’re outside of politics. All such discussions should be held in backstage channels, outside of main means of communication. This is important because members of community could have different views not only on who should we vote for, but also on what economical formation we should have. And I stated my position here, russian. Screenshot.

Ivan, when he stepped down as a leader of community, didn’t step down as an admin of group in facebook and chat in telegram. Ivan, as a truly democratic person, didn’t ask anyone and started political agitation specifically for one candidate. And he asked to go vote for his sake. Link, russian. Screenshot. I couldn’t ban him because of how Telegram works (Ivan became an admin before me), hence I can’t enforce my promise that chat will be free from politics. Therefore I decided that I could not stand being on same board with other managers of this community. Our partners at Eventspace.BY were informed immediately. If you have any questions about dotnetby user group - ask Ivan directly.

Other admins of the chat urge anybody who’s not true belarussian (meaning you don’t vote for candidate selected by them and Ivan) to leave group as well. Link, russian. Скриншот. Dear Arciom, if you wasn’t aware, out community before your message was an international one. If you want your community to be national and strictly belarusian one, you can continue to do what you do.

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