Hello, mates!

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If there is a blog, there should be some posts, right? Let this be the first one.

I want to announce the beginning of regular streams on my twitch channel. Of course, I’ll stream games, but not only games. Besides of that, I’ll stream my work on any open source project I’ll work since now. First episode was aired with some expected glitches like “Show them all password from your bot”. I changed all passwords already, so it’s ok.

Also, I got tired of domestic chores. Half of the time I spend in Minsk alone, away from family. And everyday cooking and cleaning got me. I don’t like it when you have to clean dishes for yourself and amount of it is not really differ from dishes for whole family. So, I took a known path to solution: I started to cook in bulk and freeze food. And results are good. Of course I made some mistakes, they are inevitable on first try, but right now I spend almost zero time everyday on cooking and cleaning and it makes my life a way better. So, I highly recommend to you to try cooking in bulk if you tired liked me and can’t afford to eat healthy food in restaurants every time.

Last, but not the least, I enabled comments on site using disqus. Let’s try to use it and see what happens.

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